How would you like to work with me?

"This is where the fun begins, come with me and let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes..."

I am a professional Transformation, Alignment, Manifestation and Spirituality Coach. I make spirituality practical so everyone can remember their true power. I operate under the guidance to help you ‘Release Yourself, From Yourself so you can Be Yourself’. I offer all clients acceptance, gratitude

As I worked in both the entertainment and education industries for over 15 years, I have moved in so many different circles, worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. This has allowed me to develop the talent and skill for presenting ideas to a wide range of people.  Being a generational spiritual practitioner means I have a respect for the nuances of people’s journeys and also, I was born to do this!  

I currently offer 4 ways of working with me:

1:1 Coaching, EFT Tapping, Alchemists Anonymous Community Membership and Intuitive Card Readings

1:1 Personal Coaching

During 1:1 sessions I have helped clients on a broad range of questions, issues, goals and ideas. While I have one foot firmly with ‘spirit’ my other is grounded in the material world. I present advice that is practical, relatable and easy to apply to your situation.

Areas of Focus:

Overcoming obstacles in your professional/personal life

Developing confidence

Connecting with your sense of spirituality

Living life more integrated between the spiritual and material worlds

Manifesting a new home, love and/or career progression

Sessions tailored to your needs

(Please see terms and conditions below before booking)

1:1 EFT Tapping

This technique revolutionised my life so I qualified in it to help others.

EFT helps you deprogram the ’emotional noise’ of memories so you can see yourself and the world clearly.

By tapping on accupoints while discussing difficult memories/experiences, you are sending calming messages to your amygdala via the limbic system to let you biologically know it is ‘safe’ to talk.

If your body is the hard drive (you always feel it before you think it), your brain is the RAM then you use tapping to clear out the old ‘data’ to stop your brain overloading!

Take control of your life by becoming master of your emotional energy.


Alchemists Anonymous® Membership

A spiritual oasis for those who are here to build the new earth, Alchemists Anonymous is a place to learn, share, grow and find community among like minded individuals.

This space grew out of the realisation that I never fitted in anywhere so I started my own circle. Spirituality has become colonised by narrow ideas and perspectives, a core intention of this space is to open up the conversation and get stuff done.

As a trained teacher I thought it would be cool to set up an online version of the X-Men school with a community at the heart of it all. It is so important to me that people have practical tools and systems to do the metaphysical-spiritual work.

This is great if you want to work with me in a group setting as well as be around others who are actively engaged with ‘the shift’.

Intuitive Card Readings

Reading runs in my family blood from when I used to watch my grandmother reading tea leaves and coffee grounds as a kid! I was always naturally drawn to Tarot reading and when I picked up the cards it felt so natural to me.
The cards provide a bridge to work with intuition and insight in a relatable manner.
I mainly use combination of Tarot and Oracle cards, Pendulum and sometimes runes! It depends on the needs of the situation.
Readings are 60 minutes provided over zoom, you are sent recording and images of the reading afterward! They are a fast way to recieve insight and advice into your questions.

Important Information

All sessions are paid in advance without exception following the consultation.

If you need to rearrange your session a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required otherwise the session will be charged for.

Calibration & EFT Sessions are available individually or in blocks of four, eight or twelve.


Readings $88 for 60 minutes

EFT Tapping Sessions $111 for 60 minutes

1:1 Calibration Sessions $250 for 60 mins

Alchemists Anonymous Membership starts at $69 p/m

All Prices are in $USD

All sales are subject to our terms and conditions


All sessions are not to be taken over the guidance of medical professionals.

Please consult your doctor if you are taking any long term medication, have health complaints.

If you are in therapy please consult your therapist before booking.

All matters discussed in the sessions are purely on an advisory basis and any path taken or decisions made following any calibration session is at the client’s own risk.

Higher Transmissions Ltd does not accept liability for client decisions or choices following Sessions delivered or Courses studied.

All readings are for entertainment purposes and no guarantee is assured regarding outcome or accuracy. Readings do not constitute professional advice or guidance as to the client’s life direction. All actions taken as a result of the reading are at the client’s own risk and discretion.