How would you like to work with me?

Activate Your Personal Spiritual Evolution Today

My goal is to guide you to a life of limitless self expansion and realisation. I want you to live a life of openness to your higher self where no idea is too ridiculous, no goal too big and nothing that cannot be accomplished. 

It is my promise to you, to meet you where you are right now without judgment or expectation as the sidekick to your superhero. 

As your Spiritual Advisor I bring the wisdom and insight of my ancestors, a lifetime’s personal spiritual practice and years of experience as a trained educator and performer. All of which gave me deep and varied insight into the human experience. 

I offer different routes depending on where you are on your journey right now: 

1:1 Calibration sessions, EFT Tapping, Alchemists Anonymous Community Membership, Tarot Club Membership and Psychic Readings. 

1:1 Calibration Sessions

A focused 60 minute session for:

Rapid tune-up

Activate your confidence

Take a deep dive

Become more self assured

Overcome obstacles in your professional/personal life

Spiritual Mentorship

Integrate your higher self into your life

Help with grounded personal manifestation practices

Become more comfortable in yourself

All sessions are tailored to your needs

(Please see terms and conditions below before booking)

1:1 EFT Tapping

Mastering your emotions is a fundamental shift from mercy of your life to master of your own destiny. EFT is one of the fastest tools to help.

Tapping is great for clearing out a specific issue, memory or emotional loop that stands in the way of your personal self mastery. 

EFT boosts your confidence, reduces anxiety, increases positive self concept, casts off old beliefs and is a fast track to personal empowerment – the foundation of effortless self mastery.

Your emotions tell you the story of your personal energy, consider how powerful you will become by mastering them? Start with a session or book a block of sessions to truly delete something from your life.

Alchemists Anonymous® Membership

While your spiritual journey is deeply personal, no one is an island and community is important for your well-being, transformation and sense of self. Especially now.

While the world might feel uncertain, Alchemists Anonymous® is a place for those who never felt like they truly fit in with the spiritual mainstream. We put spiritual development and practice at the front of everything in life.

As a member of Alchemists Anonymous® you get access to exclusive personal development resources, regular group calls, a private community server. 

This isn’t just a place for your personal development, AA also empowers you to go out into the world and share your gifts with others.

The world is changing and that starts with you! 

Tarot Club Membership

Tarot Club is exactly what it says on the tin – a place to learn Tarot!

We focus on accessibly learning Tarot including all the mysticism, symbolism and the esoteric layers within the cards.

It is the goal of Tarot Club to help people become more adept readers, gain confidence and develop their own reading style.

This membership is a sub-membership of Alchemists Anonymous. All AA members have access to Tarot Club.

Psychic / Tarot Readings

Readings are the fastest, easiest and lowest investment way to work with me.

Receive direct insight into a situation, question, problem and gain clarity.

Whether you want a reading for a specific situation, regular forecast or help to see things from a different angle – I’ve got you.

I  use a combination of Tarot and Oracle cards and Pendulum. These help me focus my intuitive abilties into the situation with more clarity and ease.

Live readings are 60 or 30 minutes provided over zoom, you are sent recordings and images of the reading afterward!

Email readings also available!

Important Information

All sessions are paid in advance without exception following the consultation.

If you need to rearrange your session a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required otherwise the session will be charged for.

Calibration & EFT Sessions are available individually or in blocks of four, eight or twelve.


1:1 Readings:

$55-75 for 30 mins

$111-133 for 60 minutes

Email Readings: $35-55

EFT Tapping Sessions $111 for 60 mins, it is recommended you have a course of 6 sessions to deal with a specific issue. These should be no more than 2 weeks apart.

1:1 Calibration Sessions $250 for 60 mins

Alchemists Anonymous Membership starts at $69 p/m with minumum 3 month commitment for basic membership. 6 months for VIP.

Tarot Club Membership is $22 p/m with minumum 3 month commitment

All Prices are in $USD

All sales are subject to our terms and conditions


All sessions are not to be taken over the guidance of medical professionals.

Please consult your doctor if you are taking any long term medication, have health complaints.

If you are in therapy please consult your therapist before booking.

All matters discussed in the sessions are purely on an advisory basis and any path taken or decisions made following any calibration session is at the client’s own risk.

Higher Transmissions Ltd does not accept liability for client decisions or choices following Sessions delivered or Courses studied.

Higher Transmissions LTD does not sanction beliefs or practices of guest speakers. Every effort is taken to mitigate exposure to regessive, small-minded, fear based, extremist and ‘conspiritual’ ideas in the Alchemists Anonymous® community.

All readings are for entertainment purposes and no guarantee is assured regarding outcome or accuracy. Readings do not constitute professional advice or guidance as to the client’s life direction. All actions taken as a result of the reading are at the client’s own risk and discretion.