Do you want to learn Tarot?

Do you want to nurture stronger intuition?

Do you want to develop a deeper connection with your spiritual side?

Do you want to use your spiritual and intuitive abilities in your everyday life?

Do you want to do this in a supportive environment and closed community?

There are lots of reasons to be curious about Tarot.

Maybe you already a reader and looking to deepen your understanding of Tarot?

Or are you looking for a community of like minded people interested in Tarot?

Is your interest in Tarot is part of your spiritual journey or it’s to explore yourself psychologically? Maybe it’s both!

Tarot is growing in popularity right now for many different reasons. While it can be used for prediction and fortune telling, it’s also an amazing and accessible tool for self-discovery.

With such a wealth of information out there, I noticed something was missing – a place that encouraged people to develop their own reading style without cutting any corners.

Tarot does not have to be hard or complex.

It’s actually pretty straight forward.

Tarot is both an art, a science and it can be a lot of fun too!

It’s important that we don’t skip out on the deeper aspects of Tarot because the cards hold layer upon layer of meaning and mysteries!

All of which lead us to a deeper and more fundamental understanding of ourselves.

To know yourself ultimately allows you to know the world.

Tarot Club is a place for people of all backgrounds, walks of life and ideas to develop their connection, knowledge and practice of Tarot.

Tarot Club is all about helping it's members feel comfortable to be themselves and explore Tarot and develop new realisations

Tarot Club is a place where you can ask any question, be supported and your growth is the primary focus

If that sounded epic, awesome and exciting to you then...

This is the group for you!

Whats inside?


Exclusive Learning Resources

Taking you from the beginning your journey to becoming a skilled and versatile reader

Specialist topics for diverse use of Tarot

Regularly updated and topics by request too 


Private Discord Server

Our own social space away from major social media platforms

You don’t have to get sucked into other social media distractions when you want to connect with the community

It’s private, confidential, safeguarded and free to be vulnerable


Regular Zoom Calls

Join the circle twice a month, learn, share, ask questions and grow 

Connect and have contact with like minded people regularly around the planet who share an interest in Tarot


Community Support

Become the reader YOU want to be.

Enjoy your Tarot journey in an  open minded, inspiring and growth focused environment

Don't just take my word for it, this is what some of my clients have to say!

Hello there my friends!

Hello! I am Alastair Roshan Ballentyne, a 5th generation spiritual advisor, trained teacher and professional psychic reader! I am based in the UK and from a mixed heritage family of Persian-Iranian and Scottish-Celtic. My family is steeped in spiritual heritage and it’s my mission to present mysticism and practical sensibilities at the front of spiritual development. 

I have been offering readings to people professionally since 2017 after growing up watching my grandmother read fortunes and stories of my dad reading Tarot during his younger years. 

It was something that I instinctively remembered how to do on picking up the cards. I built my profile  via social media. All of which established me as a thought leader in emergent spiritual practices. 

In 2022 I was accepted to read live at Mind, Body & Spirit festival in London Olympia working over the Saturday – Monday providing readings, channeled advice, and psychic services to clients throughout the event. Following this I started reading via online platforms and apps to serve a broader range of clients.

I am very excited to support your journey!


Join Tarot Club Now!

Monthly $22

Annual $264

Frequently Asked Questions:

All of Tarot Club’s learning material is either online self-study or delivered live via Zoom. It is all self directed, there are no assessments or tests! 

Discord is an online platform to host forums, live chat and voice channels. It is available as a standalone app both for phone and computer. It’s better than using Facebook as a platform for the community interaction as social media has usage policies and can remove the content at any time without warning! Besides – it’s time to take the power back in our online usage! 

Alchemists Anonymous is the parent of Tarot Club, if you are in AA, you are automatically in Tarot Club however the difference is massive. Here we only talk and learn about Tarot, in AA we study all aspects of spiritual lifestyle, learning and development. If you want that AND Tarot, then you might want to consider joining Alchemists Anonymous! (You can do that here)

It’s 3 months, that isn’t a long time plus its important to give yourself time to get involved in the community, get to know each other as well as get stuck into the learning. That can’t happen over night, let alone a month! 

Having a safe, nourishing and awesome intentional space for this community is deeply important to me. I stand for values of inclusion, representation and forward thinking in Spirituality. Sadly not everyone shares these values and the application process is there to make sure we are all a good fit before coming into the community.