What is EFT Tapping ?

Do you want an easy way to manage your stress and anxiety?

What if you could break the circuit between your emotions, memories and behaviours to become more present in your life?

What about having better results with the Law of Attraction and manifestation?

Do you want more confidence, broader horizons and better peace of mind?

Do you want to improve your relationships?

Do you want to smash the barriers of your limiting beliefs?

Improve emotional blocks around money and success?

Remove emotional triggers around eating?

EFT can help with all of the above and so much more...​

Here is some background information

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is often referred to as Tapping, because you are tapping on your body in a set sequence of working with upper body acupoints.

Gary Craig developed the technique in the 1990s and the basic EFT protocol otherwise known as ‘clinical EFT’ is what is most widely used.

EFT works by ‘moving emotional energy’ in the body via the Primo Vascular System (or the Meridian system) via somatic intervention. You are sending calming messages to the body’s limbic system (responsible for emotional communication within the body) during the tapping session which in turn stops the amygdala (the part of your brain that determines threats) triggering your flight or fight responses as we deal with the memories stored in the hippocampus!

EFT can initiate a rapid transformation over traditional talking therapies as we are dealing with both body and mind. Prominent neuroscientist and researcher Dr Candace Pert spoke of EFT describing it as a leading healing modality for the 21st century. This was following her research to identify how emotions were communicated in the body leading her to the startling conclusion that the body IS the subconscious mind.

Think about it, you always ‘feel’ something first before you think it. Understanding this relationship between mind, body, memories and emotion will not just allow you to become free of old limiting habits, behaviours, patterns and beliefs; you can also create an entirely new story for yourself.

Why is EFT important?

To put it simply, in life you can only live from two states of being:

Memory OR Inspiration. You cannot serve two masters!

While this may sound simple, the truth is more complex. Memories can dictate the course of your life, whether they are your own, your family’s, a group you identify with or the country we live in. Memory is a powerful force used to manipulate our decision-making processes, beliefs, likes/dislikes and the overall course of your life.

Memories are how you are controlled by the past to create your future that is the same as what has happened before.

Memories are activated in the form of emotions and sensations in the body, you will often ‘feel’ something before you think it. It is also why you will have an emotional reaction to something – it is your memory being triggered in the subconscious which in turn activates the attached emotion.

If this is your life, you are not truly living but in a holding pattern trying to stay free from the next triggering event. It is an unfortunate truth that I too know very well as this used to be my life for many years!

I was tiptoeing around myself and expecting life to do the same.

However let’s get one thing straight – Emotional Freedom does not mean not feeling your feelings, it means being in control of your energy and allowing yourself the right to choose how to be in a situation.

“Your body is your subconscious mind and you cannot heal it by talk alone” – Dr Candace Pert

Dr Candace Pert’s research into how emotions are communicated in the body lead her to the conclusion quoted above.


If you think about your body being your subconscious mind, it makes a lot of sense if we feel things first in any experience. It can be that rush of excitement, the chill of fear, the breathlessness of anticipation or the stomach sinking disappointment.


All of these are ‘feelings’ yet they are attached to thoughts. We can call these subconscious thoughts our beliefs, some are empowering, and some are limiting.


It is by engaging with your emotional language in the bodymind we can understand how you are ‘wired’ to respond to situations outside of you and the memories activated within you.


EFT is a tool that can allow rapid release and transformation of your experience when it comes to the emotional realm.

How does it work?

EFT involves tapping on a set sequence of meridian points on the upper body. The meridian system has been observed in eastern medicine for thousands of years and the existence of the ‘primo vascular system’ (the meridian system in all but name) was first proposed in the 1960s by South Korean scientist Kim Bong-Han. While his ideas were controversial, in 2010 researchers at Seoul university confirmed this extra circulatory system in the body.


While EFT is recognised as a complimentary therapy, we are still in the early days of wider discussion of the influence of emotional energy and its transmission on our bodies.


Thankfully we are on the cusp of a new era in all things.


EFT’s main ‘sequence’ was devised by Gary Craig who developed the practice from TFT (Thought Freedom Technique) which focused on tapping on specific acupoints to stimulate organs associated with the thought (for example: under the eye is connected to the stomach and used with anxiety). EFT however follows a set protocol acting as a sort of ‘catch-all’ method.


As we are using tapping (rather than needles as in acupuncture) to stimulate the acupoints, we are sending physical messages to the body’s limbic system (somatic intervention) that allows a sense of calming to accompany the discussion of difficult memories. It is the limbic system that is associated with emotional communication. This in turn sends signals to the amygdala (fight/flight response) while we engage with the hippocampus (memories).


The Two Sides of EFT

If this is so simple, can I just do it myself?

You can use EFT for general wellbeing, emotional regulation, stress and anxiety management as you go about your life. The other side of EFT that is advisable to work with an expert is when you want to go deeper, work on a specific issue, deal with more complex issues or take a guided path towards generally better personal wellbeing.


Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) believed that everyone should know how to do EFT and I agree with him! One of the advantages of working with me is that you will learn how to use EFT properly as you work through your sessions.


The issue is when people are relying on YouTube or Instagram videos to learn tapping, the amount of people I have seen tapping in the wrong place or not following the basic protocols bends my mind! It is deeply irresponsible to be guiding people like that and if I can do at least one thing for you that is steer your ship straight.


There are also many different techniques involved with EFT as you engage with your memories, emotions that you will not learn from a YouTube video.


If you do something properly from the beginning, you set yourself up much better than trying to cut corners! EFT is easy but it’s so important you get off on the right foot.


When you are working with a trained practitioner like myself, I am informed on how to guide you through potentially difficult emotional situations that may arise during your tapping journey! It’s better to have some guidance on a journey into the land of memories, emotions and the subconscious!





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