Payment Plan!

Special for Black Friday & Holiday Season Tapping Bundle.

Black Friday Special only $44

Join me for a live masterclass in how to use EFT Tapping, how this plays into our level of consciosuness and more!

– Emotional Freedom Technique teaches you how to release yourself from the grip of your emotions
– By harnessing the power of emotions, you become a more dynamic and responsive person in life
– EFT has multiple uses, can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any special props or places to do it
– Working with your emotions is the place to begin for law of attraction practices
– Healing your emotional experiences and memory triggers allow you to access the wisdom of your life experiences

There is a Q&A and you will have access to the replay inclusive of the price.

You will have x3 1:1 60 minute sessions as well to move towards emotional freedom in 2022!

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