The Spiritual Transformation Toolkit: 2023 Birthday Bundle


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Get your spiritual transformation toolkit here!


Presenting 6 classes, workshops and learning materials to aid and assist you in your personal-spiritual transformation.


This toolkit contains resources that all serve to support your personal empowerment in becoming a more confident, braver, audacious, self-expressive and more realised version of yourself.


Worth $230 for $110


Multipurpose Shielding Techniques ($25): 3 different shielding exercises for everyday use and situations


Everything is connected and everything is energy, it’s important for us to look Shielding, protection and grounding techniques are important parts of ‘the work’.

Here we are looking at three different techniques:



  1. The Expanded Chakra shielding technique, this is a transmitted process where we are working with the bodily chakras as well as the centres that sit outside of the body working down to the heart of planet earth and up to the galactic central sun. It is my position that we must only ever ground into the earth and connect up to source itself. We do not create connections to each other when grounding or shielding.
  2. The Zen Garden Technique, this is a fun exercise to get rid of a version of someone who is annoying you. It is a useful technique to aid in letting go of a person/situation with a very powerful visualisation. I received this when dealing with a very difficult housemate, I was shown this very quickly then their energy did not interfere with my own afterwards
  3. The ‘Mirrored Dreamstate’ Shielding. This technique takes a representation of ‘you’ in your ‘dwelling’, or ‘house’. This is the place you inhabit energetically, it is your default zone, the place you experience both the waking and non waking worlds from. Sometimes we may experience forms of ‘Psychic attack’ if we have an unwelcome visitation from someone either in our dreams, waking moments. This is all about helping you construct a series of mirrored/reflective shielding around your sacred space.

As ever these exercises are to be repeated, you would be well-served to shield and ground every day whereas the mirrored shielding exercise need not be done that often!


Anxiety Alchemy ($15): A workshop looking at emotional mastery and transformative approaches to anxiety


Master your emotions, master your energy and master your life!

Times are crazy and to be frank, how much of what you experience in the world is designed to make you anxious?



Anxiety Alchemy focuses on working with anxiety to strengthen intuition can benefit you in many ways, including:


  • Reduced anxiety and stress. Anxiety is a common and often debilitating condition that can have a significant impact on our daily lives. Let’s look at how to manage your anxiety symptoms and reduce your overall stress levels.
  • Improved intuition. Intuition is our inner knowing or gut instinct. It is a powerful tool that can help us make better decisions and navigate through life with more ease. This class can help you to strengthen your intuition and learn to trust your inner guidance.
  • Increased self-awareness. Anxiety can often lead to negative self-talk and self-doubt. An anxiety alchemy class can help you to develop greater self-awareness and compassion for yourself. You will learn to identify your triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Improved relationships. Anxiety can also impact our relationships with others. When we are feeling anxious, we may be more withdrawn or irritable. This class can help you to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with those you care about.
  • Enhanced well-being. When we are able to manage our anxiety and live a more intuitive life, we experience greater overall well-being. We are more likely to feel happy, fulfilled, and at peace.


If you are free to be yourself, in all situations – this is the biggest act of freedom available to you!

During this session you will be looking at the attractor field and consciousness calibration of Anxiety, how to flip that into a more useful emotional state, working with EFT and more!


Activating the Magician ($40): Connect with your powerful creative archetype


Activate and align with your master alchemist, realise the strength of your willpower to drive transformation!

In this workshop you will explore the magician as an archetype and how to connect with your inner magician with ease:



The Magician is a master of their craft, with a deep understanding of the tools and elements at their disposal. A Magician knows how to use their skills and resources to bring about transformation and change.

The Magician is a symbol of the power of the will having the ability to focus energy and intention on a desired outcome and make it a reality.

The Magician represents the transformative power of the universe. Taking raw materials and shape them into something new and powerful.

The Magician is often depicted with symbols of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water), representing the ability to work with and harness the power of these forces.

The Magician often holds a wand up to the heavens and a finger pointed at the earth. Representing the infinite creative potential as we transmit source energies through the heart!

The Magician is often associated with communication and connection. The Magician has the ability to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms, and to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level.


Into the Leadership Portal ($25): place yourself firmly in the driving seat of your life


This workshop takes the focus on helping you step into your leadership zone working with the archetypal energies of Aries and Libra. Originally delivered on Thursday 20th July 2023.

The collective north and south nodes shift into Aries and Libra on 17th July. The north and south nodes are collective points of fate, these will have an impact on all of our destinies whether we choose to work with them consciously or their influence is felt unconsciously.


Due to the nature of this session, it can be done at any time!

With the collective north node in Aries, this is a reset for the Zodiac wheel. It is our chance to forge ahead, for new leaders to rise and old paradigms to be cracked open. Balancing this with the south node in Libra, we will examing where we have been forced to compromise in our relationships with ourselves and others.

It is time for a new sun to rise over the collective, the question is, how will this manifest for you?

This is an 18 month transit and this activation can be used throughout as well as afterwards due to the archetypal nature of this work.

Over the course of 90 minutes we will be doing:

The six sections are as follows:

1. Grounding and connecting practice

2. Fire & Air elemental alignment exercise

3. Journal prompts

4. Emperor/Aries Archetypal activation meditation

5. EFT tapping (for release of old patterns of worry around leadership and embedding new confidence for leading)

6. Future self exercise


Activating your Inner Mystic ($25): learn how to see deeper into the unseen of everyday life


There is a mystic within all of us:

The child loved to dream, the version of you that can see meaning between the lines, join the dots and create patterns where others see only flux.



Mysticism allows us to weave meaning into the mundane and it also allows us to find deeper meaning in our everyday lives.

To be a mystic is something anyone can achieve but it takes practice and is built on a fundamental knowing of self.

In this activation we are looking at how to tap into our own sense of mystic insights, reflections and connection with the world around us.

Our goal is to create a deeper, richer and more meaningful experience in our day to day lives.

Mysticism is a rich tradition and heritage I inherited from my Persian blood, we are poets, mystics, magicians and seek to create beauty within the world through our passions and active engagement in life.

Now I want to share that with you!

While in modern society the mystics and those walking a hermetic path have been pushed to the margins, it’s time for them to come in from the cold.

This activation will take you through:

  • Grounding, clearing, shielding exercise
  • Hermetic & Inner Mystic Activation
  • Journalling Prompts
  • EFT / Somatic intervention
  • Active ongoing exercises for self development


INSIGHT: Easy Tarot in 3 Days: The Original INSIGHT event from February ’23 (EXCLUSIVE! previously members only $100 value)


This event is for anyone wishing to dive deeper into the practice and study of tarot, whether a beginner or experienced reader – there is something for everyone.

INSIGHT takes you through getting started and developing a working knowledge of the system so you can begin to read for yourself with further depth and a fresher perspective.



Tarot is an excellent tool for personal, spiritual and reflective self development. Dovetailing with both spirituality and psychology, Tarot is something often overlooked yet an incredibly powerful system to empower yourself.

In INSIGHT you will learn how to:

  • Learn how to work with the Major using key points and aspects of the archetypes of each card
  • Quickly lock into the basics of the Minor Arcana using a simple formula to distill the cards to their core essence
  • Develop your daily Tarot practice
  • Learn 10 variations of the 3-card spread
  • Learn 10 variatons of the 5-card spread


All of this is available for $110 (limited time and availability)

You can also upgrade your bundle with a 1:1 reading for a discounted price of $80 instead of $110 making a total of $155 savings!

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