Multipurpose Shielding Techniques


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Everything is connected and everything is energy, it’s important for us to look Shielding, protection and grounding techniques are important parts of ‘the work’.

Here we are looking at three different techniques:

  1. The Expanded Chakra shielding technique, this is a transmitted process where we are working with the bodily chakras as well as the centres that sit outside of the body working down to the heart of planet earth and up to the galactic central sun. It is my position that we must only ever ground into the earth and connect up to source itself. We do not create connections to each other when grounding or shielding.
  2. The Zen Garden Technique, this is a fun exercise to get rid of a version of someone who is annoying you. It is a useful technique to aid in letting go of a person/situation with a very powerful visualisation. I received this when dealing with a very difficult housemate, I was shown this very quickly then their energy did not interfere with my own afterwards!
  3. The ‘Mirrored Dreamstate’ Shielding. This technique takes a representation of ‘you’ in your ‘dwelling’, or ‘house’. This is the place you inhabit energetically, it is your default zone, the place you experience both the waking and non waking worlds from. Sometimes we may experience forms of ‘Psychic attack’ if we have an unwelcome visitation from someone either in our dreams, waking moments. This is all about helping you construct a series of mirrored/reflective shielding around your sacred space.

As ever these exercises are to be repeated, you would be well-served to shield and ground every day whereas the mirrored shielding exercise need not be done that often!


These exercises are guided visualisation meditation practices and are not to be used in place of common sense/real-world solutions.

All experiences and results are based on individual user experience, Higher Transmissions LTD is not liable for any personal experiences in line with the Terms and conditions.

Do not do these exercises while out, driving, or operating machinery! Do them at home, in a peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed!


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