Masterclass: The True Power of Self Forgiveness


An in depth Masterclass on the power of self-forgiveness. There will be practical tools you can use to unpick deep knots within your being and how to move towards a more passive self-view as we clear the lens of memory.



Self Forgiveness is something that runs a lot deeper than you may think, it’s a powerful practice that drives the wheel of our own transformation. It all hinges on stepping into a passive state of self-acceptance, from there all things are possible.

A plant is only as good as the environment it grows in and with Self Forgiveness we are digging in and turning the earth to allow ourselves the best possible starting point of meanginful and lasting growth.

In this Masterclass I will be going in deep about how to work with Forgiveness practices, how they affect deep levels of personal transformation, how to move towards a passive self-view and what that can do to your perception of the world.

In this masterclass you will learn:
How to break free of these cycles
How to forgive yourself fundamentally on both a mental and physical level
How to release yourself from stagnant emotional energy stored in the physical body
How forgiving ourselves allows us to expand our level of consciousness


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