Archetypal Activation Series: The Magician




The Magician: Archetypal Activation workshop

Activate and align with your master alchemist, realise the strength of your willpower to drive transformation!

In this workshop you will explore the magician as an archetype and how to connect with your inner magician with ease:

The Magician is a master of their craft, with a deep understanding of the tools and elements at their disposal. A Magician knows how to use their skills and resources to bring about transformation and change.

The Magician is a symbol of the power of the will having the ability to focus energy and intention on a desired outcome and make it a reality.

The Magician represents the transformative power of the universe. Taking raw materials and shape them into something new and powerful.

The Magician is often depicted with symbols of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water), representing the ability to work with and harness the power of these forces.

The Magician often holds a wand up to the heavens and a finger pointed at the earth. Representing the infinite creative potential as we transmit source energies through the heart!

The Magician is often associated with communication and connection. The Magician has the ability to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms, and to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level.

This workshop is approximately 90 minutes long and is valued at $40 and will take place live on Sunday 12th March, 5pm UK TIME/GMT.

The replay will be available from 14th March 2023 direct to your dashboard!

This workshop is included with Alchemists Anonymous membership, you can join here



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