1:1 Calibration Sessions

A human being is a finely oiled machine while a human doing is held together by caffeine, fast food, minimal sleep, stress and nervous energy.

While there is growing mainstream discussion regarding the symbiotic relationship of body and mind, there’s still a way to go before these ideas are widely embraced.

For a machine to perform at optimum levels it requires regular calibration, we are no different. We have a variety of considerations: physical, metaphysical, mental and spiritual, all of which need attending to.

My One to One Calibration sessions are designed to help address a specific area or concern. A single session can function as a ‘soul-strategy’ alignment session or a chance to dive deep on how to turn points of friction into points of traction. A series of sessions allow us to unpeel some layers of the onion and do deep work.

In short – these sessions are all about helping you get unstuck.

The sessions take place after your consultation and are 90 minutes. Having a separate consultation allows for us to work effectively and target areas of focus.

Sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

These sessions serve as a bridge between the physical and metaphysical sides of your being.

I use a methodology that draws its roots from EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping), this involves tapping on the meridian points to release emotional blockages.  Because the emotional realm is the doorway to our subconscious mind. We can practically learn a lot about our inner landscapes taking this approach.

Our ‘memories’ are stored in the body which is why we tend to feel something first before we ‘think’ it. The perspective I work from is that our bodies ARE our subconscious mind, like a human hard drive.

Every hard drive needs a regular ‘de-frag’.

When we engage with emotional ‘storage’ attached to memories, that can act as an internal barrier when we want to make changes in life.  We keep these memories alive by allowing them to influence our view of ourselves and the world from their point of view.

I recommend that if you are looking to experience that sense of release from your emotionally driven scripts to book a block of sessions for that deep-dive. While there can be a very pronounced sense of immediate release, it is important to note that this work is a layered process.

For example, some areas that I have helped clients with so far are:

Shifting memories imprints of experience towards a gratitude based focus (emotional release, perspective & mindset shifts)

Entering a space of self-forgiveness, compassion and acceptance (releasing limiting self-view and expansive mindset shifts)

Retrieval, alignment, and integration of fragmented consciousness from residual memories (shadow integration)

Alignment of your personal timelines (manifestation practices & belief work)

Co-creation with your future self (quantum meditations, visualisation, and sensory alignment)

Developing a clearer connection with your soul-level self (aligning with your true genius in the world at large)

A bit of the why…

Some of these things can sound wild, weird, and wonderful however it’s pretty simple.

I got interested in exploring how we can shift the conversations around life changes, the Law of Attraction (there are at least 11 other universal laws…) from manifestation towards alignment. Why? Because if we are wanting to make a fundamental shift, we have to align with it! We put ourselves in the way of something that has already ‘happened’, so for that we work from a position that we are ‘seeing’ outside of linear time.

There is also a lot of talk around moving beyond limiting beliefs online but not enough of the ‘how’. Beliefs are communicated to us in our emotions, intentions, biases and reactions, by working from this perspective we are able to unpick the mechanisms that are running in our subconscious that keep us from moving forward.

When I talk about the ‘soul-level’ self, that really comes down to what is it that makes you feel truly alive?

How can you connect with that, let’s reverse engineer that so you are moving towards it rather than being caught up in a desire to move away from a current or previous. It might sound strange but we are talking about the difference between being motivated by joy vs fear. They are two totally different states of being, one is abundant while the other is scarce. Expansion rather than contraction.

The bottom line is that my focus is to make it easier for you to be more of yourself.


All sessions are paid in advance without exception following the consultation.

If you need to rearrange your session a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required otherwise the session will be charged for.

Sessions are available individually or in blocks of three and six.


Starting at $250 for 60 mins

All sales are subject to our terms and conditions


Calibration sessions are not to be taken over the guidance of medical professionals.

Please consult your doctor if you are taking any long term medication, have health complaints.

If you are in therapy please consult your therapist before booking.

All matters discussed in the calibration sessions are purely on an advisory basis and any path taken or decisions made following any calibration session is at the client’s own risk.

Higher Transmissions Ltd does not accept liability for client decisions or choices following Sessions delivered or Courses studied