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21st - 25th February 2022

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So why do we have such a hard time truly loving and accepting ourselves?

This Free 5-Day Experience will take you on an adventure to understand the place of love in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationsip, dating, ping-ponging around apps or single. The Love Machine is all about making sure you connect with what love ACTUALLY IS for you.

Think about it, sometimes when you ‘think’ you are hungry, you are just bored so you eat anyway.

How many relationships turn out to be the equivilent of snack food drawn out over a long time when you could figure out what is nourishing to you?

What if you knew EXACTLY how you engaged with yourself before you brought anyone else into your life?

What is wrong about being single? We don’t need a partner! So what kind of love can you show more of to yourself?

What about caring for each other as brother and sister? Like we should? How can we regain that sort of love?

Are you struggling to break free of old patterns when it comes to manifestation?

Is it hard for you to see the future differently from the present or the past?

Then you NEED the Love Machine!


The Ancient Greeks believed there are seven types of love and we have become stuck in only one definition. What we know of Romantic Love today is an amalgamation of the different types of love! So let’s learn about all seven! Then we will explore how ‘Love’ is showing up in your life so far. How has this influenced your relationships with others and yourself. Could you be operating from different types of love and recognising can help open things up for you!


Love is about ‘Giving and Receiving… Receiving and Giving… Giving and Receiving…’ so communication is the key. There are languages of love, let’s explore how you communicate and accept love from others. It’s also important to understand what it is that you  love about yourself, your ‘positive aspects’. This is so you can focus on where to build a middle ground with others but also to give better to yourself. Also, appreciate you more!


Love is not born of convenience nor is it born of struggle. Let’s look at the myths of struggle and settling. Today we are going to look at when you stood up for more, for better, for what was right and deserving for yourself. This is all about accessing the wisdom of your life experience.


I AM WORTHY OF THE HIGHEST FORMS OF LOVE! This is nothing weird, unsual or mysterious because everyone who walks this earth is deserving of this whether it is from theirselves, others, those around them and humanity in general. Today you will use tapping to start to dissolve limiting ideas, beliefs and coping mechanisms around receiving love.



OK well not a robot but it does sound cool right?

Today you bring it all together because you know what you want, the type of love you are seeking.

You know what you can give and how you will meet another in the middle ground. You know how you will receive love from others and from yourself.

You know how you have pushed yourself forward to find the love you want/know you deserve.

You know how to use tapping to release any limiting frequencies around love.


"I’d trust him to unf**k my head and life as really he just empowers me to do it while acting like my cosmic cheerleader."

Meet Alastair

Alastair is a ridiculous man. He is adeptly skilled in many metaphysical and spiritual practices with an annoyingly endearing degree of ease. He clearly has the wisdom of a thousand lifetimes and I’m not sure all of them have been on earth.

There’s something about what he does that makes you feel safe, nurtured and released from any mental box you may have found yourself in over the years.

Clearly he is a man on a mission, like some test tube experiment of Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Obi Wan Kenobi, Gandalf and Iron Man. I’d trust him to unf**k my head and life as really he just empowers me to do it while acting like my cosmic cheerleader.

He is a spiritual teacher for the modern times. A millennial mystic and one that shoots from the hip without discrimination.

Alastair is a transformation and alignment coach. He is a qualfied teacher and registered Tapping practitioner with EFT international. He wants to help you to take a firm step towards personal mastery by recognising your true wants and needs.

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