Free Masterclass reveals how to create your limitless future by using the power of emotions to unlock the wisdom in your life story and find peace & power in the present!
12th May 8pm UK time (3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific)

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Meet Alastair

About Your Teacher

Alastair is a spiritual development mentor, Tera Mai Seichem Reiki master, tapping therapist, intuitive reader and all round epic wizard. Previously a professional educator and musician, he is a lifelong student of metaphysical and spiritual practices.

Alastair comes from a long ancestral line of spiritual practitioners which allows him to teach this work with a degree of ease not often seen in the spiritual mentorship community.

He’s your brother, your uncle. The family member who tells you all the cool secrets of the world and doesn’t always get invited to dinner as a result.

There’s something about what he does that makes you feel safe, nurtured and released from any mental/spiritual/emotional box you may have found yourself in over the years.

His mission is to empower individual balance and create collective harmony. His ability to see beyond the lines and classifications of society is on account of his mixed Eastern & Western heritage.

Alastair is the spiritual teacher for the modern times. A millennial mystic and one that shoots from the hip without discrimination.

Alastair wants to help people move from the mercy of their experiences to mastery of their reality. This masterclass is designed to help you get into your transformation with ease under his strong direction.

"He creates a feeling of safety for you to do the stuff you thought was meant to be hard with greater ease."


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