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Free 5-Day Challenge reveals how to manifest your limitless future by using the power of emotions to unlock the wisdom in your life story and find peace in the present!
2nd - 6th May

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Here you are in the present, you want to take a leap into the unknown, you have that big idea, the quiet dream, the daydream that stalks your life. However, each time you want to take a step towards it, something holds you back, a noisy thought or restrictive self view. It’s like being caught between two rubber bands; one pulls you forward while the other pulls you back. The result is we stay stuck in the middle.

All of this is because of our limiting beliefs so let’s talk about what they are, how to find them and how to shift the focus of our experiences towards gratitude.


Now you are able to see thing clearly, you know what your limiting beliefs are, you have learned how they shape your world view meaning you can now start to dive into using your imagination to connect with your life as you want it to be. 

Everything exists because someone imagined it then went and did it so now it’s your term to imagine who you are in the world free from the limitations of your experiences while using the wisdom of their lessons to guide you.



You’re a few steps into our journey from unawareness to awareness but you still find it a little difficult to see yourself doing the ‘thing’. It’s like someone has recast the actor playing your character in the movie of your life, you can see it but you don’t buy it. Something isn’t quite right for whatever reason and while we are looking ahead, the past is like a pair of coloured sunglasses tinting the view.

That means it’s time to dive into how the lens of the past coloured by our memories and emotions shifts our focus on what our present and future will look like rather than allowing ourselves to explore possibilities of what it can look like. Today we’re going to take off those tinted glasses so you can start to seeing ourselves for who we really are not for who people have said we are.


You’re probably thinking this is all fair and well but how do I stay focused while connecting with this version of myself and my future? I’ve got this limitless idea nailed down today, but what about a week or a month from now? I don’t want to fall off the horse here!

It’s simple, you need a few tools to steady the ship as you sail out into the sea of infinite possibilities. It’s important because you don’t want to bypass anything that comes up as a result of these long held patterns of thinking and states of being but you do want to know how to get back to your new centre as smoothly as possible. Today we’ll learn all about positive cues to keep you on your path!


It’s the end of the week, you’ve had some fun and learnt a lot about how to untangle yourself from the web of your experiences and shift all of that into wisdom. You’re moving from mercy towards mastery but there’s still a missing piece of the puzzle – a defined target! 

Today we’re going to explore how to give your subconscious full direction so you can act like a magnet for the life you want to be living, how to recognise the different parts of that whole as they show up by opening your perspective to see the trail of breadcrumbs leading you home. 

You’ll learn a proven roadmap on how to engage the full force of your subconscious in how to take inspired action and become the architect of your own destiny. 

As its the last day of the challenge we’ll be having some fun, sharing our ah ha moments and there will be some prizes to give away!

"I’d trust him to unf**k my head and life as really he just empowers me to do it while acting like my cosmic cheerleader."

Meet Alastair

Alastair is a spiritual development mentor, Tera Mai Seichem Reiki master, tapping therapist, intuitive reader and all round epic wizard. Previously a professional educator and musician, he is a lifelong student of metaphysical and spiritual practices.

Alastair comes from a long ancestral line of spiritual practitioners which allows him to teach this work with a degree of ease not often seen in the spiritual mentorship community.

He’s your brother, your uncle. The family member who tells you all the cool secrets of the world and doesn’t always get invited to dinner as a result.

There’s something about what he does that makes you feel safe, nurtured and released from any mental/spiritual/emotional box you may have found yourself in over the years.

His mission is to empower individual balance and create collective harmony. His ability to see beyond the lines and classifications of society is on account of his mixed Eastern & Western heritage.

Alastair is the spiritual teacher for the modern times. A millennial mystic and one that shoots from the hip without discrimination.

Alastair wants to help people move from the mercy of their experiences to mastery of their reality. This 5-Day Challenge is designed to help you get into your transformation with ease under his strong direction.

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