The Lionsgate portal 8-8

The Lionsgate portal is a period of time from approx 26th July to 12-15th August. It is often observed in new-age spiritual circles claiming to be a historic alignment of our sun and the star of Sirius.

While it is said this goes back to Egyptian times, we recognise that Sirius has long been regarded as our ‘Spiritual Sun’. What is important is the event is powerful due to the power of collective thought.

With this particular portal we are exploring alignment of deeper personal spiritual themes, the influence of Sirius and finding our momentum as we incline into the dog days of summer. This is when Sirius, the ‘dog star’ (as is part of the Canis Major constellation) returns to our skies and its influence is felt on the earth.

Either way, whatever you make of it, it’s a powerful time for transformation!

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