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22nd May - 25th May

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Learn how to read Tarot and activate your natural intuitive insight
Alastair is a 5th Generation Reader and Advisor, here are some of his client testimonials


Learning to read by pulling a card a day is the fastest way to get to grips with the practice. This is crucial to help you live a more aligned life, gain deeper self knowledge and activate deeper layers of your intuition.

Tarot is a very accessible practice that you can use in any situation from your work to your personal life.

This is the start of your tarot journey or if you have been reading a while, it’s time to look at the practice with a fresh perspective.


Today you are learning one of the most common Tarot spreads – the 3-card.

You can use this for any number of situations, while it might not seem like a lot, three cards are plenty to give you ‘relational-insight’ into a situation, guide courses of action and open up deeper possibilties in your life.

Let’s explore the how you can apply this spread to further your aims, goals and desires in life.


Today is all about going deeper. You have learned the basics of Tarot with the single and 3-card spreads.

Now let’s look at how to ask better and deeper questions of the cards. How to clarify readings and expand your understanding of self.

Remember – vague questions get vague answers, let’s set you up to read with confidence and clarity.

"Always a fantastic experience connecting with Alastair, he is so intuitive and kind. I deeply appreciate the healing experience of our readings. Very, very gifted and wonderful person."

Meet Alastair

Alastair is a 5th Generation Reader and Spiritual Advisor, this work runs deep in his family bloodline. There never was escaping destiny for him.

He has been reading for others both online and in person for 5+ years, and in private for much longer.

As lifelong student of spirituality, metaphysics, divination and personal self expansion, Tarot was something Alastair was always interested in.

Inspired by watching his grandmother read fortunes in tea leaves and coffee grounds, Alastair tried a number of different ways of focusing and seeing before settling on Tarot as his primary method of client service.

Alastair is also a post-graduate trained teacher, he knows how to deliver knowledge accessibly and with a lot of flair. This sets him apart from other spiritual practitioners as he not only has the ancestral lineage, experience and broad professional training allowing him to practice in the industry with authority.

By putting the needs and empowerment of his clients first, Alastair has built a thriving Tarot practice alongside his work with Higher Transmissions as a Spiritual Advisor, Community Leader and Tapping therapist.

In teaching others to read for themselves, this aligns with Alastair’s vision for a new world built on a culture of self leadership, self knowledge and collective synergy. Personal divination is coming back into the frame as society’s spiritual awakening gathers pace.

Adding Tarot to your personal practice will only place you on a much stronger foundation to live in alignment with your higher self.

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