This 6-week container may turn you into an unstoppable force of nature free from the weight of your past fully empowered to create your future

It's time to break the self-sabotaging cylces of:

“The cycle breaker is a disrupter, sent to call the shadows up and put the family pain to rest” - E. B. Johnson

You are living in the age of the cyclebreaker, the world as you knew it is over, the institutions you were taught to believe in are failing, the economy grows more fragile and old ideologies are coming forward again. As civilisation journeys further into the unknown there are two options:

  • Cling to what is familiar when familiar is collapsing everywhere

  • Take action

How has Alastair helped others?

What would your life look like to have the ultimate freedom of self expression?

How would you feel to stand fully strong in your personal truth, power and identity?

Can you hear this version of you calling you forward to step into yourself?

You are the cyclebreaker.

You are your medicine.


One Day Voxer Access to be taken whenever you want during the 6 week program

Weekly Calls and Q&A

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Voxer Access to Alastair Monday-Friday for the whole 6-week Program (limited spaces)

Weekly Calls and Q&A

Facebook Group Support

Lifetime Access to replays


Be honest with yourself now, is this you?

  • You are stuck in patterns, now matter how hard you try you just can’t get out of your own way
  • You never really fit in with anyone or anywhere no matter how hard you tried
  • You want to change but you can’t see your next step
  • Your true self keeps being sabotaged from showing up in the world by your old ‘stuff’


If you resonated with any of these you are ready to step up to break your cycles of sabotage and into your fully free and expanded life. 

Let me take you on a journey

I’m going to show you how to fully accept and love yourself while we validate your experiences and help lift you out of your old repeating patterns. 

I’m going to help you get out of the comparison trap and stop measuring your life, experience and journey against anyone else as this holds you back massively. 

I will teach you how to be fully present with yourself, walk your path every day and not fall under the influence of the various forces in the world that can throw you off balance. 

I will help you enter the world as 100% yourself, no hiding behind anything, visibly free of all fear.

How are you going to do that? I will tell you in just a moment but let me introduce myself first! 

I am Alastair Roshan Ballentyne

I am a 5th generation spiritual advisor and practitioner. I am a coach, mentor and post-graduate trained teacher.

People call me ‘The Wizard’ as I weave magic in their lives but really I help them connect with their own power. I have been a cyclebreaker in my own family patterns for years, I come from a background of both middle eastern and western. My practice is informed by my ancestry and taking a zoomed out view as to how we can progress towards a planetary society and a new age for humanity.

During my career as both a teacher and musician, I always found I was either working with people who were pushing boundaries.I often found myself  placed to guide others in breaking convention when it came to both performing, writing and accessing creative arts.

I founded Higher Transmissions LTD in 2020 as a response to the spiritual crisis in the world and to help people through coaching, classes, courses, community and healing services.

My Transformation

For years I lived under the thumb of my own anxieties, toxic self beliefs and everything told me I had to live my life under the radar, invisible and actively afraid of good things happening to me. 

It wasn’t until after leaving an abusive relationship at age 32 I said to myself ‘there has to be more to life than this cycle of bullshit’. 

For the next 4 years I went on a personal journey of self and spiritual discovery that put me back in the driving seat of my life. The true me, the me that I choose to be not who others decided I was supposed to be.

  • I stopped living for the expectations and demands of others 
  • I stopped sabotaging every chance I had to be happy and successful 
  • I felt confident to be myself and fully express myself openly at all times
  • I felt safe to go into the world and share what I wanted without any fear 
  • I broke the cycles of my family that had held me hostage since day one
  • I set up my business, practice and community to support others on this journey

The truth of it is – just like all the people you admire, you get to be a cyclebreaker, to make the best of that journey, support, guidance and community is important. It can be a hard road, but rewarding path.

I will show you exactly how to: 

  • Truly appreciate yourself and turn your experiences into wisdom
  • Kick start and integrate your healing journey
  • Show up as yourself in the world unapologetically and without fear
  • Break the cycles of self sabotage rooted in your imprints that hold you back
  • Set the stage for living a life of the ultimate freedom of body, mind and spirit


Here is what you will get inside CYCLEBREAKER

1:1 Access to Alastair with Voxer Support for 6 weeks Mon-Fri (optional with OMEGA package)

Private FB Support Group for CYCLEBREAKER members only

A weekly masterclass with Q&A session

Lifetime access to all masterclasses and materials 

Week 1: Accept, Acknowledge and Validate

Your journey, your story, your experiences, your life – all of this needs to be brought into a place of nourishing, nurturing and healing. Looking back and bringing everything together allows you to reframe your journey from an empowered perspective.

This is where you start to take your power back. 

Week 2: Analyse, Disrupt and Unplug


Your cycles of self sabotage and frustration are a mixture of imprinted behaviours, values, beliefs and ideas. These were either forced on you by family, community, peer groups or other structures who made it a condition for you to fit in – you had to BE like them.

Here is where we disrupt their influence in your life so you can take your first steps as your true self.

Week 3: Shifting your view

Your view of yourself is your view of the world.

This feeds into your beliefs about what is and isn’t possible for you, what you deserve vs what you have been told you don’t deserve.

This is where we separate all emotions from your experiences so you can stand taller as your chosen self without fear. 

Week 4: Choosing the real you

Consider this session as your rebirth. Now you are free to openly align with your values, beliefs, ideas and concepts about yourself and the world.

You don’t need permission to accept yourself anymore. This is where that version of you who has been repressed over the years takes the wheel. 

Week 5: Activating the empowered you

Having made the inner shift in the previous session, now it is time to frame this version of you in the world.

Take your steps with confidence, be a master of your energy.

Stand even taller free as the weight of other’s expectations fades into distant memory.

The energetic shift outward will take others by surprise and you will ask yourself why you have been keeping it in for so long.

Week 6: You are a Cyclemaker

Show up in the world without fear of judgement.

Take back the power in your relationships.

Live a life full of actions aligned to your true purpose.

Enjoy your new guilt-free healthy boundaries.

Step forward as the empowered ancestor to decide the values, ideas and beliefs you have as the foundation for future generations.

Put your old cycles behind you and let your new life begin. 

A six week journey to

  • Accept, Acknowledge, Validate you and your journey. Let’s celebrate what you have experienced to become who you are now
  • Analyse, Disrupt, Unplug and separate from your imprints, patterns and cycles 
  • Shift your view of self, the world, identity, concept and what you view as possible
  • Choose the new you, the true you, living into your chosen values and path
  • Activate the empowered you, stand tall in yourself
  • From cyclebreaker to cyclemaker: building the foundations of your legacy as the empowered ancestor for those who walk in your footsteps

What is the investment?

How valuable is: 

A limitless person with freedom of their own being in mind, body and spirit walking their own path with full confidence in an increasingly uncertain world

Someone who is an active agent of change for themselves and others who lives fearlessly. 

A person who can see through the lines and mechanisms of society to create prosperity, abundance and legacy for themselves and those around them. 

Today you can become a CYCLEBREAKER FOR…


Yes there are payment plans available if you need them.


Would it be such a bad thing if all that happened for you was: 

You became master of your own destiny

You stopped sabotaging creating the life you always wanted

You stood up for what you believed in even if everyone else around you said different

You had the ultimate confidence to be your full true self at all times in all situations

Would it be even worse if you had the support, encouragement and guidance to become that person? 

Do you have any questions?

That’s fine, I’m not going to pressure you. If you are serious about it you can do three things:

1: put a pin in it and come back when you can afford it.

2: Take advantage of a payment plan, that is why they are there or 

3: join Alchemists Anonymous – my membership community to get started and be among others doing the world. At $69 Per month (minimum 6 months) it is a cost effective way to work with me.

If you join the Alpha package, you will have access to him on the group calls, Facebook group plus your x1 voxer day. One the Omega package you will have all of the benefits of Alpha plus direct Voxer support for the duration of the program, monday – friday max 24 hour response time.

Everyone talks about Alpha males or Alpha women, yet in the world of product testing, Alpha is pre-release, buggy, unfinished and represents a beginning. Omega means final, the end. 

As an Alpha cyclebreaker you are committed to the beginning of a personal and sacred journey to break your cycles. As an Omega cyclebreaker, you are committed to finishing them, right now. 

You will receive an email inviting you to the Facebook group, details for Voxer and your onboarding process begins!

This round of Cyclebreaker begins on the week of 21st November 2022.


One Day Voxer Access to be taken whenever you want during the 6 week program

Weekly Calls and Q&A

Facebook Group Support

Lifetime Access to replays


Voxer Access to Alastair Monday-Friday for the whole 6-week Program (limited spaces)

Weekly Calls and Q&A

Facebook Group Support

Lifetime Access to replays