Visions of our spiritual sun: Lionsgate Activation

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Enter the perpetual dream under the light of our Spiritual Sun.

Every year we celebrate the 8-8 portal and every year, people ask – what is Lionsgate?

It is the time when our sun enters into alignment with the star of Sirius, also known as our Spiritual Sun. While people choose to observe this on the 8th August, due to the movement of the stars over thousands of years, the helical rising of our Sun and Sirius takes place a little later. However it doesn’t matter so much as we are working with the themes of the Portal itself!

As ever this activation will take place BEFORE the 8-8 so you can incorporate this into your plans as there’s always plenty going on at this time of year. Also, as we are taking a focus on the themes – this activation can be done at any time. It is not essential that it is at this time of year alone. Which is the purpose of all these activation workshops! We bottle the essence of the event and use it as we please!

This activation workshop was originally delivered on Monday 7th August and is available for instant access

This workshop is open to the public at $25 and is included with the Alchemists Anonymous membership.


The workshop will consist of:


  • Grounding, clearing and connecting practice
  • Sirius healing activation guided journey
  • Sirius-Atlantis activation journey
  • EFT Tapping – somatic intervention, tap out the old nonsense and embed the new concepts
  • Journal Prompts