The Galactics: Decolonising and reclaiming Galactic Spirituality

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Welcome to The Galactics, a course that is especially dear to my heart.

The purpose of this course is to offer as in depth an analysis, discussion and dissection as possible at time of delivery into how to decolonise and reclaim Galactic practices from the colonised, conspirituality and bigoted racial supremacist voices who have hijacked the ‘Starseed’ discussion. As well as offer more grounded pathways to those who have only heard about this work and ideas from the opposition to that marginal yet very vocal community.

This is most definitely strong terminology however it rings true and I stand by it for a number of reasons, primarily being I have had my own experiences and relationships with this practice in particular. It is something very important to me and sadly I have struggled to find measured discussions, groups, spaces and opportunities to offer this practice in a more rational form.

It is in part one of the reasons why I founded Alchemists Anonymous because as someone who is mixed race, a lot of my practice comes from my Persian-Iranian lineage, the frustrating thing about the westernisation of a lot of practice is it becomes skewed to support colonial narratives of ‘good vs evil’.

Funny how in the Starseed groups online people talk about these same concepts as if they were new, they are not – this is biblical era prejudice and I have had enough of it so I made this course lol. There are also books, shows, content creators and other elements out there pushing this narrative. One book going so far as to sanction white supremacy painting anyone from one part of the world as subhuman and causing a corruption of the human race through interbreeding. Painting their traditions and ideas as demonic.

It’s the old testament all over again. Regional gods painted as absolute yet this time it’s spaceships, ETs and other things to make one group feel chosen over another.

The part of the world painted as evil happens to be the part of the world I have ancestry from – The Middle East and have a damn sight better grasp of working with the Galactics than some puff the magic karen who needs therapy. So here we are.

In this six part course we are going to be pulling apart these narratives so we can construct a more solid, rational and ethical foundation to work from.

Because if there is a Galactic message for humanity – it is unity, harmony, working together not one group over another.

It is my vision that in AA and our related communities we are able to carry the essence of this message and let the murky nonsense sink to the bottom where it belongs.