Tera Mai Seichem Reiki 1

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Here is everything you need to study to prepare for your attunement.


Reiki is an ever growing popular energy healing practice. At level 1 you will be able to self-heal, use Reiki on pets but you will not be able to practice on others. That comes at Level 2.

You will need to study the materials before your attunement, everything you need is here.

Before the attunment you will need to fast for 3 days from: All animal products, alcohol, sugar, caffiene, nicotine and anything else that puts you in an ‘altered state’.

This is so you are as clear as possible to receive the attunement.

Reiki attunements are offered remotely in most cases, depending on location they can also be done in person but it is not essential.

This level of Reiki also includes attunement to the violet flame, a clearing tool which has gained popularity in recent years with a variety of applications.

Read the manuals first then I fill in any of the gaps and give guidance on my own practice in the videos!