Psychedelic Breathwork w/Julie Tully

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Once again Julie joins us for a seriously EPIC session.

Psychedelic Breathwork is about activating the body’s naturally occuring DMT to induce altered states of consciousness. (It works, can confirm).



Before you get going it is REALLY important that you do NOT do this if you have any health conditions, concerns! Please consult a medical doctor if you are taking any medicaton or unwell.

During the breathwork experience, if you have respiratory conditions, COPD, recovering from Covid or anything like that, it is advisable you DO NOT do the long breath holds.

This class is POTENT and is to be one at  YOUR OWN RISK. Higher Transmissions LTD does not take any liability for what may occur to anyone observing and engaging with this material.

Why the disclaimers? Because I did this myself during the live broadcast and it was awesome, epic and really special but we also need to be mindful of potential implications here.

Now, go enjoy!