Progress & Goals: The Arcturian Way

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The Arcturians are a group of guides said to come from the Arcturus star system, their focus is helping humanity develop to its highest possible level with a drive towards collective harmony.

The Galactic content in this community seeks to reclaim, shift and move the narrative away from the conspirituality circles and present these ideas with a sense of more inclusive intention.

These guides are here to help the collective as a whole, assist us in moving beyond our intersectional challenges and empower us to be more in however we choose.

Any messages to the contrary of exclusion, supremacy, exclusion or partisanship is NOT of the Arcturian consciousness.

Their drive to encourage us to think in longer cycles of time is represented here by drawing attention to the different cycles, transits and experiencs we face in our lives in general.

If we can start to zoom out of our day to day and draw deeper focus, we can set our beings in motion towards many awesome things!

There is a guided meditation journey during this session. Please DO NOT do this if you are driving, out and about or somewhere you cannot focus.