Into the Leadership Portal: Aries/Libra Node shift

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The collective north and south nodes shift into Aries and Libra on 17th July 2023!

The north and south nodes are collective points of fate, these will have an impact on all of our destinies whether we choose to work with them consciously or their influence is felt unconsciously.

With the collective north node in Aries, this is a reset for the Zodiac wheel. It is our chance to forge ahead, for new leaders to rise and old paradigms to be cracked open. Balancing this with the south node in Libra, we will examing where we have been forced to compromise in our relationships with ourselves and others.

It is time for a new sun to rise over the collective, the question is, how will this manifest for you?

This is an 18 month transit and this activation can be used throughout as well as afterwards due to the archetypal nature of this work.

Over this session we will be doing:

The six sections are as follows:

1. Initial grounding practice

2. Fire & Air elemental alignment exercise

3. Journal prompts

4. Archetypal activation meditation

5. EFT tapping (for release of old patterns)

6. Future self exercises and journey