Awakening The Mystic Within: Hermetic Portal Activation

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There is a mystic within all of us:

The child loved to dream, the version of you that can see meaning between the lines, join the dots and create patterns where others see only flux.

Mysticism allows us to weave meaning into the mundane and it also allows us to find deeper meaning in our everyday lives.

To be a mystic is something anyone can achieve but it takes practice and is built on a fundamental knowing of self.

In this activation we are looking at how to tap into our own sense of mystic insights, reflections and connection with the world around us.

Our goal is to create a deeper, richer and more meaningful experience in our day to day lives.

Mysticism is a rich tradition and heritage I inherited from my Persian blood, we are poets, mystics, magicians and seek to create beauty within the world through our passions and active engagement in life.

Now I want to share that with you!

While in modern society the mystics and those walking a hermetic path have been pushed to the margins, it’s time for them to come in from the cold.


This activation will take you through:

  • Grounding, clearing, shielding exercise
  • Observing Energy, Flow and Rhythm exercise
  • Ancestral Inner Mystic Activation
  • Journalling Prompts
  • Mirror Work
  • EFT / Somatic intervention