Anxiety Alchemy

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Anxiety is something we are hearing more and more as part of the common dialogue in our lives, it’s not suprising as times are hard and things are weird.

If anxiety is a worry and fear of the unknown, you have every right to be concerned!

Master your emotions, master your energy and master your life!

Times are crazy and to be frank, how much of what you experience in the world is designed to make you anxious?

These sessions are all about helping you gain a foothold in your personal emotional wellbeing so you are able to engage with the world and all its aspects without being thrown off balance.

If you are free to be yourself, in all situations – this is the biggest act of freedom available to you!

During this session you will be looking at the attractor field and consciousness calibration of Anxiety, how to flip that into a more useful emotional state, working with EFT and more!