Foundations in EFT (Tapping)

Learn foundational practices in EFT ‘Tapping’ Live masterclass originally delivered live on 5th December 2021 This masterclass is available to study after 7th December 2021

Navigating Awakening

Welcome to ‘Navigating Awakening’ – a seven part course that will help you move through your awakening process practically and help you bring your energy into alignment as you embrace your expanded self. Below is the ‘Power of Self Forgivness & Magic of Ho’oponopono’ ebook, of course everyone can get this ebook for free when […]

EFT (Tapping) For Beginners

Welcome to EFT Tapping for beginners. In this short course you will learn how to use the basic EFT protocol for maintanence, clearing and management of your emotions throughout the day. For deeper and individualised work, you can book a session with me by emailing: [email protected] Let’s tap into it!

Law of Attraction Foundations

Welcome to this 4-part foundation course in the Law of Attraction. This is course aims to make the subject of study accessible, practical and help you remove any internal barriers to using the material. Classes were originally delivered live in Alchemists Anonymous during Autumn 2021 Members of AA partake in the Q&A section at the […]

The True Power of Self-Forgiveness

Self Forgiveness is a powerful tool to help us in our personal transformation work. We cannot accept ourselves if we have not forgiven ourselves. We do this by acknowledging our experiences, we dig deep and explore what we are carrying with us in our memories. How our memories influence our view of ‘self’. It can […]