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7th - 12th August

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A brand new experience inspired by the ancient magic of Avalon
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The connection between Earth & Sirius is long established. It is said by many who observe Ancient Astronaught research that Sirius’s fingerprints are spread throughout religious and spiritual iconography.

The Sirians are said to bring a healing frequency to all those who work with them, let’s tap into that together and see what we find. We must heal oursevles because that is how we start truly healing the planet.

Star beings from Sirius are evidenced in the culture of the Dogon tribe of Mali (calling them the Nommos) as well as Eygptian culture.

My heart has always been connected to Sirius from as long as I can remember, let’s share that love.


Arcturus is a special star in the sky for me, I meditate with it often to receive wisdom.

The Arcturian guides started to become more manifest in the common consciousness from the mid ’80s onwards, however they too are peppered throughout our history.

The Arcturians are concerned with humanity’s future, espeically regarding our relationship with technolog. Let’s not reject it but look at how we can use innovation to our advantage.

They are a benevolant and loving group of guides who all can connect with.

I have had fun experiences with the Arcturians so connecting with them is something I am looking forward to sharing with you!


The midpoint of the activation is dedicated to Orion.

The ancient gods who civilised the planet after the flood are said to be connected to Orion.

Orion has its fingerprints all over ancient megaliths, temples and practice. Our society owes a lot more to Orion than we care to admit. A lot of people in ‘Starseed’ community reject Orion as there is a definite sense of polarity to this group, this is a western colonial notion.

Throughout all ancient and pagan tradition, the gods were dualistic in nature. We are dualistic, we cannot deny this as we build upon the polarity of existence beyond the 3 dimensions.

We must embrace both ends of the stick in this polarity universe to truly ascend in our awareness. There are no greater teachers for this than the Orion group.



The Andromedeans guides hail from our neighbouring galaxy. At times they take on the appearance of Plastmic Fire when seen in visions. They are multiversal and encourage us to stand taller in our own beliefs.

The Andromodeans view disagreement as sacred, they are able to help us with emotional mastery and articulating ourselves when we feel our voice is becoming drowned out by the noise of others.

As we activate new earth, it must be inclusive for all, there are no ‘chosen’ people as we are all chosen. The Andromodeans can help us create better harmony in our communication while activating the multiversal aspects of ourselves for deeper insight.

This will be a day long remembered!


Our final aspect of the activation takes us into the company of The High Priests of Atlantis, the ‘Alta Ra’. 

The influence of Atlantis can be felt profoundly in our world at present, as we see the strucutres and institutions fracturing, we could view this as inspiration to make different choices to ensure our world thrives for generations to come.

The Atlantean guides and versions of ourselves call forward to help us activate a new earth that is inclusive for all peoples of all backgrounds.


"Alastair is one of the few people I've met in the 'starseed' community I actually trust, respect and enjoy learning from. He takes it out of the westernised post-biblical lens and makes it accessible for everyone."

Meet Alastair

Alastair is a spiritual development mentor, Tera Mai Seichem Reiki master, tapping therapist, intuitive reader and all round epic wizard. Previously a professional educator and musician, he is a lifelong student of metaphysical and spiritual practices.

Alastair comes from a long ancestral line of spiritual practitioners which allows him to teach this work with a degree of ease not often seen in the spiritual mentorship community.

He’s your brother, your uncle. The family member who tells you all the cool secrets of the world and doesn’t always get invited to dinner as a result.

There’s something about what he does that makes you feel safe, nurtured and released from any mental/spiritual/emotional box you may have found yourself in over the years.

His mission is to empower individual balance and create collective harmony. His ability to see beyond the lines and classifications of society is on account of his mixed Eastern & Western heritage.

Alastair has always been interested in the Galactic works, his mission here is to present decolonised practice, inclusive narratives and accessiblity to this aspect of spirituality for all.

Alastair wants to help people move from the mercy of their experiences to mastery of their reality. This 5-Day Experience is designed to help you get into your transformation with ease under his strong direction.

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