"Ctrl-Alt-Del your life"

What if we became our own leaders?

What if we stopped seeking permission to be ourselves?

What if we interrupted our unconscious programming to install empowering, integrative and expansive ideas instead?

We live in a time where more people are asking deeper and meaningful questions about what it means to ‘be’ in the here and now. Humans are gifted with deeply creative, discerning, and open minds. It is over time that we have been encouraged to fall into a fundamentally limited spectrum of living.

That spectrum is governed by the ‘rational’ values of the conscious mind; a limited mechanism that processes a very small amount of data in any moment whereas our unconscious mind processes exponentially more data in the same period of time.

Think 11 vs 11 million… (A lot of data vs not much data at all)

To say the scope of conscious vs unconscious is limited would be an understatement.

The issue is the realm of the unconscious has been discouraged in different traditions and ideologies whereas it is the domain of our intuition, emotional language, beliefs, biases and so much more.

As we consciously align with these aspects of ourselves, what is unseen is becoming seen. We can view this in both our own lives and the world at large.

We are seeing the old mechanisms of fear, control and dominion falling away as we reconnect with the values of universal acceptance, collaboration, companionship between our fellow humans.

That is not idealism; it is what is necessary.

This is an evolution of consciousness not a revolution of systems.

One is not replacing the other, we are in the process of transcending all that has come before.

By integrating all that we are, the sum of all being, creation, experience and expression; we create a new paradigm of being.

So, what if we accepted our invitation to the future? We become pioneers in a land of myth and myths are a shared dream through which we give the human story meaning. Through those dreams we receive inspiration, and, on those ideas, we act.

I have a question for you; how can we become good ancestors for people who will walk the earth ten, twenty, thirty generations from now?

We create a culture that works in harmony with flow, recognises we all have different zones of genius, a myriad of talents and not to be judged by a narrow series of metrics.

Standardisation works well for ensuring the uniform performance of machined parts, however, we are anything but.

From my time working in teaching, education management, course design and delivery, I became acutely aware that while there are eleven types of intelligence, we are still applying a top-down, one size fits all approach to nurturing human development.

It is with that view we are encouraged to produce and perform rather than process and expand.

That does not serve us, it does not serve the highest good, truth or expansion.

If we shift our focus to creating balance, integrating our experiences, transcending the influences of memory and aligning with our chosen future we consent to entering into a true of flow-centric life.

We allow ourselves to work from our personal balance to be of service to universal harmony.

We are able to serve what is required of us in the moment from a place of peace.

We can observe life itself as alive, it’s pattern of breath and recognise that it is the space between the breaths that creative opportunities for self-expression, expansion and realisation live.

To harmonise with the breath of the universe allows us to transform.

What is important over all is to make it easy for us to harmonise with our desires in a process that allows us to have some fun.

There is an idea that life is suffering whereas really it is a choice between suffering or bliss, both are available to us in each moment and I choose bliss every time.

Let us forever transform with our own hands turning life’s wheel of fortune in our favour!

‘ALIGN’ is designed to make integration, transformation, and alignment easy.

It is structured in 10 modules (advised study time one module per week) and to serve as a series of tools, practices and processes that can be used time and again as you go on your life’s journey.

Some highlights of what you will learn:

* Practical tools and techniques to aid your personal evolution
* Understand the relationship between motivations, drives, needs and desires
* Practically your conscious and subconscious mind
* Learn the emotional language of your beliefs, biases, behaviours and intentions
* Ninja level manifestation skills, strategies and practices
* Sharpened intuitive skills
* Co-creating with your future self
* Refocus your life to align with your chosen future
* And much more…

'ALIGN' serves your journey to becoming the most badass version of yourself in the now by integrating your story and harmonising with your vision of your future

Let’s take a look at the module structure:

Module One

Know Yourself
Learn the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind

Learn how it communicates with us

Learn how our lives are driven by our ‘like/dislike’ response mechanisms

Explore the difference between our wants and needs

Discuss the perils of product-based thinking

Module Two

Permission & Acceptance
Learn the power that permission has over us

Learn how our drive to be accepted directs our lives

Learn how our ‘culturescape’ dictates our sphere of experience

Discuss the virtues of process-based thinking

Module Three

The Mechanics of Belief & Bias
Learn how beliefs are formed and what that means

Learn how your experiential belief systems both guide and hinder your development

Learn how to find your beliefs

Discuss how your beliefs may not actually be your beliefs

Learn how beliefs are communicated via emotions from the subconscious

Develop awareness of how your feelings manifest and their initiation sequences

Explore the theory that the body IS the subconscious mind and what that implies

Module Four

Your Subconscious Triggers
Learn the three primary perception activators and how they relate to you

Explore how your beliefs and biases direct your life by remote via your triggers

Learn how to stop holding yourself hostage to your experiences

Learn that what makes you feel is what can let you heal

Explore how to enter into healing integration strategies that work for you

Develop the ability to be the observer of your experiences

Learn how to create distance between yourself and external activating factors

Module Five

Building Balance
Engaging with self forgivness and emotional clearing

Working with the Law of Transmutation of Energy

How to develop a passive self view

Learn how to see your own personal history free from your emotional lens

Module Six

Presence in the Present
Working with the Universal Law of Rhythm

Incorporating thematic practices

Anxiety Alchemy

Exploring models of empowerment to replace factors of limitation

Develop strategies to become clear to receive inspiration

Module Seven

Thriving in the Material World
Rewriting your money story

Exploring the emotional resonance we attach to money

Understanding the material manifestations of energy

How this helps widening your scope of vision from limited to limitless

Opening ourselves to receive new opportunities

Module Eight

Working Back from the Future
Learning visualisation meditation techniques to transcend the limitations of linear time

Learn how reverse engineering the future impacts the present

Explore how to easily and practically reprogram the subconscious mind

Develop powerful techniques to align with your future self and vision in the present

Recasting your role in the movie of your life

Module Nine

Manifest like a Pro
Become a Law of Attraction ninja

Explore what the law of attraction ACTUALLY is and how it works for you

Develop the true secret techniques of the ‘so-called’ secret

Discuss how ‘bypassing’ undesirable states of being hinders rather than helps

Observe how the law of attraction responds to your perception of the world

Learn implementation strategies to become the co-creator of your reality

Learn the high art of inspired action

Module Ten

Arriving at Alignment
Here we bring EVERYTHING together

Develop extra sensory vision

Learn how to see your story as a catalyst for momentum

Refine strategies to stay focused

Recognise the markers of alignment

‘ALIGN’ is designed to serve any seeker of the self for fundamental life transformation as outlined in the modular structure above.

To quote Oscar Wilde, we are living in a time where everyone “knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”. We are a society that has become increasingly driven by adding value to conversations, creating impact in the world yet do we truly value ourselves?

Do we truly value ourselves enough to take some time and do the work to become integrated beings in full awareness of our experiences yet in mastery of them rather than living in mercy of them?

‘ALIGN’ costs $997* USD for lifetime ownership. (This includes all the updates!)

Payment plans of x3 months & x6 months available

This 10-week programme can be revisited however many times is needed during your life’s journey.

You will also be added to a private Facebook support group for 6 months where I will personally support you.

With ‘ALIGN’ you are able to learn at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can revisit modules and have the luxury of choice!

‘ALIGN’ comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee, if you have engaged with the material and decide that it is not for you then you will be refunded.

Your future won’t create itself, you have to get into alignment!

‘ALIGN’ is released for access on 2nd August 2021.

Do not worry, the 14 day money back guarantee does not kick in until you’ve actually got it! 

*Price of $997 applies to single payment in full