Do you want to explore spirituality, metaphysics, manifestation, personal development and connect with others in a grounded and inclusive space?

Do you want an oasis to be at peace, learn, think and grow away from the chaotic and unpredicatable old world?

Do you want to be part of a community of spiritual misfits, metaphysically curious, rebel practitioners and modern seekers who are creating a new earth for eveyone?

Let me ask, does this sound like you?

You never fit in because you are here to create something new.

You are here because you see how the world can be rather than how it has been.

You are here because you carry a unique energy signature that when given the proper nurturing, guidance and mentorship can light up the whole world.

You are here because you believe in a different reality that includes everyone, that is open to all peoples, that is expansive, encouraging, collaborative

You are here because while you once felt alone you can see that there are more people like you emerging every day.

You are here because you are committed to your own spiritual path, away from the crowd, to the beat of your own drum that does not harm but doesn’t take any nonsense either.

You are here because you recognise the call for new communities to establish a new earth into being.

You are here because you know deep down you have always been different, here to do something special, you have a light in side of you that refused to grow dim over the years.

You are here because you do not view the spiritual world or physical world as separate but as intimately connected and one.

You are here because you recognise that you cannot carry on the same road as before and it is time to put your growth, development and transformation on centre stage.

You are here because it is time to connect with your people. The ones who are committed to lifting each other up.

You are here because you believe in critical thinking, discernment, self-accountability, emotional mastery, interdependence and personal balance.

You are here because you understand that this road is different for everyone and in our differences we find our strength.

You are here because you are a builder, a creator, an alchemist, a transformer, a cycle breaker, a renegade and rebel who sees the true light.

You are here because you see a world beyond polarity where more is possible.

You see a future where humanity has a harmonious spiritual, social, economic and technological development.

You are here because you want to live poolside to the matrix, able to dip in and out as you need to.

You know that all this changes when we realise that together, we are the tide that raises all boats.

You need a community that is





A community that is inclusive for people of all backgrounds, identities and beliefs that constructs a shared middle ground for progress. No one group is above another, we stand together in harmony, not uniformity.

A focus towards Cultural Appreciation, platforming indigenous, native, and marginalised voices where possible. A true place for global spiritual-metaphysical learning. Spiritual-Personal development is for everyone as we are all ‘chosen’. Purity culture, fear and oppression based on groups or beliefs are not inclusive.


It can be overwhelming knowing where to begin sometimes with your spiritual development and path. What if this was possible without the feeling of being under/beneath anyone? What if you felt supported, included and encouraged in your development? That would be pretty cool.

What if you could learn in a community that encouraged curioisy, discussion where people could ask questions and share their experiences openly?


Creating a culture of self-leadership shifts the world far and fast. In spirituality and related studies, it is important to be equipped with the ability to choose and discern wisdom from noise.

If society has run on pyramid structures for so long, the future is built on an inverted pyramid with the empowered self at the base expanding upwards and outwards to meet others. As you grow up and outwards, you expand.

We are living in a spiritual rennasanice

In recent years more people have become curious and started actively exploring ideas around spirituality, metaphysics, life expanded beyond the five senses and three dimensions.

Now many are looking for somewhere to gather, learn, share and grow that is not running on any agenda or pushing a narrative of fear on them.

There are a lot more people out there who are interested in spirituality that don’t vibe with the ‘woo crowd’.

While different practices are as diverse as humanity is, the need for more ‘village centres’ is strongly called for as we move towards the post-pandemic world.


People need somewhere that will allow them to be more of themselves, ask the deep questions, personally develop, share their experiences as part of a community of those with aligned values. 


Such a community has to be both practical, logical, action focused and nurturing, creative, flowing.

The world needs true balance of divine masculine & feminine energy

Do you resonate with any of these statements?

You want to explore your personal spiritual development without exclusively labelling it that?

You want to be around others who respect the personal nature of your journey and insights?

You are looking for someone to help you along the way who empowers as well as mentors you?

You want somewhere that you can be yourself without any of the conditions the ‘woo gang clan’ put on what it means to be spiritual?

You know that spirituality is just an extension of life in general?

You value personal spiritual or mystical experiences over all else?

You see that the world is changing and you want to be a part of the change?

You believe that a spirituality community should be inclusive to people of all backgrounds and identities and meet in a middle ground of mutual respect?

Then this community is for you!

The Four Pillars of Alchemists Anonymous






Everyone here is on a personal journey towards their transformed self, whether as a seeker or practitioner. The community is a place to dive deep and see what you can find. It is a safe space for you to do your inner work.



The next step is aligning with what you are seeking in the wider world. The pathway to manifestation allows for rich experiences and entering into the co-creation process of your reality by the art of allowing and becoming truly open to receive and act on inspiration.



As a trained teacher it is important to me to have exclusive member courses, classes and content that act as practical systems to implement and access higher ideas so you can actually use them in your life. This is what sets Alchemists Anonymous apart is the culture of self-leadership built on a foundation of continuous education.



In this work we find ourselves scattered across the globe however it is in the shared space we can come together forge new relationships, collaborations, bonds and serve the overall cause of creating more harmony in the world.


All of this is built on a foundation of Inclusivity, Accessibility and putting Empowerment of members first!



Alastair Roshan Ballentyne is the founder of Alchemists Anonymous® and Higher Transmissions® LTD. 

His interest and studies in spirituality, metaphysics and estoric ideas are lifelong as he comes from a generational line of healers, seekers and practitioners.

Alastair is a Spiritual Development Mentor, trained EFT Tapping therapist, Seichem Tera-Mai Reiki Master, Post-Graduate Trained Teacher. He brings a sense of practicality, logic, humour and expansion to the field of personal-spiritual development.

He believes it is important there is an alternative path for seekers, practitioners, alchemists, wizards, witches etc to explore, come together and develop their practice. Alchemists Anonymous® exists to help people live ‘Poolside’ to the shared maxtrix reality so they can engage with it more fully while creating the new earth for all.


What's Inside Alchemists Anonymous?






Members have access to exclusive courses, classes and resources that are not available outside of Alchemists Anonymous.


AA members also get instruction in how to teach, structure their programs and embed their wisdom in their work. Members also are given preferential access to live events and classes before public release.

Real-World Skills and Application

Informal teacher training is offered for members so they can better deliver classes, courses and programs.

All members are offered Seichem Tera-Mai Reiki attunement at Level 1 for self clearing and protection. VIP members are offered Level 2. Members are also taught how to use tools such as tarot to sharpen their intuition and practice.

Get the edge in modern mystical practices and multidimensional business!


We get together twice a month for live group mastery calls and as well as guest experts classes.

Alchemists Anonymous is a global online community allowing members to become more resonant in their own circles around the world.

It is important that we meet regularly to keep the work moving forward.


Did you ever notice how others interested in these ideas are scattered all around the world? Almost as if forming a ‘net of consciousness’? I have.

I also noticed how it’s a lot easier on us if we can build meaningful relationships with others based on these interests so we can be ourselves and deepen our practice. We may come into this world alone, but we go further, together.

Alchemists Anonymous is for you if you've ever found yourself saying...

“I am the only one of my friends who is into transformational spiritural ideas…”

“I don’t have anyone to talk about my personal spiritual practice with…”

“I do not resonate with the term spirituality, but I believe there is more beyond the three dimensions and five senses…”

“I’m interested in talking and learning about Spirituality, but I get put off with all the divsion…”

“My Spiritual path is my own, I like to learn with others but I also want people to respect that I am on my own journey…”

“I want to make more friends who I can talk about spiritual, and metaphysical ideas with…”

“I want something practical that I can use in my daily life…”

“I want to be part of a community that is consciously seeking to make a difference and make the new earth”



Regular Membership Tier

Monthly tier membership does not include 1:1 access to Alastair

All memberships are 6-month minimum commitment






VIP Membership Tier:

Plus all the benefits of the Regular membership tier:




x6 1:1 60-minute sessions during the 6 month minimum commitment membership term

50% Discount on my 1:1 services

Discount to all public events with priority pre-release ticketing


* There is a 6 month minimum commitment with all memberships *








x6 1:1 60-minute sessions during the 6 month minimum commitment membership term

Discounts on my 1:1 services

Discount to all public events with priority pre-release ticketing