About Me

Hi I’m Alastair and I’m a 5th Generation Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, EFTi trained tapping practitioner, Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki Master and intuitive reader.

Fun Fact:

My full name: Alastair (Defender of humanity), Roshan (Bringer of light), Ballentyne (of Belenus, Celtic god of healing and shining one.). A fine mix of ancestral magic from both my Celtic and Persian lineage.

I come from an ancestral line of spiritual practitioners, this work is a sacred discipline of my family. I have am also a lifelong student of spirituality, esoteric ideas, psychology, artistic expression, and the human experience.

How did I get into all this?

My heritage is a mixture of east and west, I found myself not quite in step with either culture but always with my sights set on something more inclusive and bigger – a world focused state of being. 


From a young age I was always incredibly intuitive, I seemed to know the answer to things and people always turned to me for guidance. I remember some nights where I would practice with my mother trying to read the images we were holding in each other’s minds. I used to watch my grandmother read fortunes as a kid and she still does!


My dad was always exploring ideas around where philosophy, spirituality and beliefs collided. He worked for a publishing house for religious books throughout my childhood so I would accompany him on many trips and meet these diverse characters from around the world. Funnily he was the one who planted the seeds of Tarot reading in my mind. 


I was lucky to grow in such fertile soil and encouraged to use my talents from so early on. I was always drawn to the more ancient practices, arts of divination and ideas we could file loosely under Paganism.


As much as monotheistic religion was my childhood background, I never felt it made sense to me. I flirted with the new age for a couple of years but I felt this again was swapping one set of dogma for another. 

Leaving all this behind I realised it was ok for me to forge my own path drawing on my experiences, ideas and perspective to connect with something bigger. If religion had spent thousands of years sowing the seeds of separation which the new age was only continuing, I was interested in how to create more harmony in the world. 


I left home early under a shadow of difficulty, trauma and some things that are best left for the past, I escaped to become a musician. This was my first true personal discipline, I sought to master my instrument and attended music college for 4 years attaining a degree in popular music practice, specialising in electric guitar. Pretty cool to say the least, I had a lot of fun. 

During my years as a musician I noticed I had this ability to leave my body and observe the musical performance from about 6-7 feet above my head. I thought this was normal, especially as the music seemed to flow through me from another place, somewhere that appeared to have its own consciousness.

This of course put me at odds with my peers and lead me further down a path less traveled off an already precarious road.

I spent a number of years touring, performing, teaching and committed to my personal mastery of my craft so I may become a clearer channel for ‘the music’ itself.

I was then guided to train as a teacher, which turned out to be a requirement of a guitar lecturing gig I landed a couple of months later.


During this course of study I experimented with using the core material and mixing this with my own esoteric and spiritual studies. I pushed the boat well out into sea and kept going.

I used my research to explore how higher consciousness can be accessed, communicated and expressed through musical performance. I passed the course with distinction and the backing to study this at PhD level by my tutors.

I of course took a different path, I spent my next years working around inner city high schools in London as a study of the societal landscape. I could see that the disconnection from a sense of spirituality has having far reaching consequences.

This was displayed in the teaching staff, the students, the parents and anyone I came into contact with.

It wasn’t that they needed ‘saving’, that is dogma. They needed to be more connected with themselves. This was underlined further when I took a job as a course manager at a music college where the effects of this spiritual crisis were running wild.


I had to leave my job due to health reasons and this was my initiation, I handed my guitar and teaching diploma to the gatekeeper and passed through into the otherworld. 


For 18 months I embarked on a journey of self discovery, healing, transformation and reconnection with my spiritual life, higher self, guides, practice and awareness. I returned briefly to the stage in late 2019 before the ‘pandemonium’ put that firmly on ice. 


About a month into the first lockdown, something clicked that I was to start helping people navigate their experience with greater ease. 

I also realised I no longer needed to wrap up this work in music or teaching to express what needed to be expressed through me as a channel.

Within six months I had set up Higher Transmissions® in 2020 as a vehicle for this work then established the Alchemists Anonymous® community in 2021.  


With more people talking about Spiritual ideas than ever before, it’s important to work from a place that encourages critical thinking, self-leadership, empowerment and meaningful transformation that is lasting.


I adopt principles that are in line with my heritage blending Eastern and Western ideas which frames spiritual and metaphysical practice firmly within ‘the world’. There is no separation between the spiritual/material/mental/physical. It is all one and working from this perspective allows us to explore a deeper sense of freedom while remaining authentic and true to ourselves.

I bring all my experience as a trained teacher, professional entertainer, EFT Tapping practitioner, reiki master, intuitive guide, reader and spiritual development mentor while being an open-minded free-range human to the table in service of my clients.


I believe all have the capabilities to be a channel for higher inspiration, source energy and transformative acts.


We all have what could be deemed ‘supernatural’ abilities/gifts and my focus is to help you access your gifts.


I am looking forward to helping you on your journey, let’s see how we can work together!