About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Alastair and I’m a professional Transformation, Alignment, Manifestation & Spirituality Coach. I make spirituality practical so everyone can remember their true power.

Fun Fact:

My full name: Alastair (Defender of humanity), Roshan (Bringer of light), Ballentyne (From the fires of the Sun God) is my responsibility here in this lifetime. I am a generational practitioner from a long ancestral line of spiritual practitioners and I am a lifelong student of spirituality, esoteric ideas, psychology, artistic expression, and the human experience.

How did I get into all this?

I have been doing this my whole life, from a young age I was always incredibly intuitive, I seemed to know the answer to things and people always turned to me for guidance. I remember some nights where I would practice with my mother trying to read the images we were holding in our minds. My grandmother always read fortunes, she still does! While my dad was always exploring ideas around where philosophy, spirituality and beliefs collided.

I was lucky to be planted in such fertile soil and encouraged to use my taletns from so early on.

For many years I wrapped this work up in music, teaching, arts and events. When Covid came I decided to help people more directly and set up Higher Transmissions® in 2020 then Alchemists Anonymous® in 2021. The aim is to provide coaching, transformation, spiritual advice and services alongside a growing international membership community.


With more people talking about Spiritual ideas than ever before, it’s important to work from a place that encourages critical thinking, self-leadership, empowerment and meaningful transformation that is lasting.

I adopt principles that are in line with my heritage blending Eastern and Western ideas which frames spiritual and metaphysical practice firmly within ‘the world’. There is no separation between the spiritual/material/mental/physical. It is all one and working from this perspective allows us to explore a deeper sense of freedom while remaining authentic and true to ourselves.


I bring all my experience as a trained teacher, professional entertainer, EFT Tapping practitioner, Manifestation & Spiritual Transformation coach and open-minded free-range human to the table in service of my clients.

We all have the capabilities to be a channel for higher inspiration, source energy and transformative acts. I believe we all have what could be deemed ‘supernatural’ abilities/gifts and my focus is to help you access your power through your gifts.

I have gained traction in the spiritual community for presenting ideas in ways that free from unnecessary complicated language, I get straight to the point and incorporate humour.

I am looking forward to helping you on your journey, let’s see how we can work together!