Activate Your Spiritual Evolution

Hi I am Alastair and I’m here to help you find clarity, comfort, wisdom and know yourself on the path of personal spiritual realisation. 

I work as a spiritual advisor to provide clarity as an intuitive guide and mentor to open the realms up for you to access their higher self in your life. 

It is now more common for people to consider themselves as having a sense of spirituality that does not fall into the mainstream either under religion or new age practices. 

I fell through those cracks myself having grown up in an intercultural religious family of east and west then exploring new age ideas and coming out the other side. All of which informed my perspective and focus in this work.  

Everyone is spiritual, it is part of the nature of your being, however your practice is as unique as you are.

Because the world is changing and old paradigms are falling away while trying to re-exert their imagined authority, we are afforded a sense of playfulness in spiritual practice as we explore what works and what doesn’t on an individual level. 

It’s time we stopped acting like Spirituality is not the bed rock of everything.

Let’s work together to help you achieve that state of personal alignment from where all things are effortlessly possible! 

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