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What is this all about?

Quite simply it’s about a return to joy

Joy and curiosity are our natural states of being and sometimes life gets in the way of that.

I’m on a mission to make it easy to connect with our sense of joy, play, curiosity and excitement.

If life is a party, who’s playing the tunes?

I am/You are/We are. So, let’s dance.

Humanity as a collective is growing and that fills me with excitement, folks can freak out about it as much as they want, I’m having a wild time over here. I can see the opportunity for integrative unity that is on the horizon and that excites me. It excites me a lot.

I see a world where we all stand together accepting and embracing each other in our differences, nuances and maximising our shared values. We discern our own truths and expand our horizons by working from our places of power.

Growing doesn’t have to be painful and that’s where we’re looking at it all wrong, if we saw that life itself is alive, all we can do is breathe into it. If we breathe into it all, we are recalibrating our focus firmly into the present.

If we are going to transcend all of this into something new we have to integrate what has come before. We do that by focusing on our personal sense of balance. If we do that, we can work towards collective harmony.

We shift into living fully rather than just existing marking our time with paydays, holidays and birthdays. I don’t know about you but I quit wishing my life away a long time ago and it feels great.

I always had to rely on myself to move forward and I picked up a few tricks along the way…

I just have to turn down the ‘music’ for a moment to get serious, after many years working in both education and entertainment, I noticed something that was the root cause of a lot of problems we face as a society.

We became unconsciously fixated with thinking of ourselves as products rather than acknowledging that we are all in process.

This thinking goes right the way from the individual to the very top, driving us to madness by keeping us on the treadmill half a step in front of our anxieties, fears and complexes.

While we’re running to stand still, we’re not taking time to lean into our zones of genius, exploring that which we are natural masters of and bringing some much needed fresh ideas into the world.

Let’s build something new by focusing on what lies ahead built on an integrative foundation of what has come before

Let’s not bypass anything while not getting sucked into another swing of the pendulum. If we assume a state of child-like innocence in one hand with our experiences in the other, IMAGINE what we can create?

Imagine the feeling of limitless perspective and free flowing creativity in all things. Tune into that for a moment. THAT is what I am talking about. Everything is always moving and all we have to do is align ourselves with the rhythm so things can flow easily.

Tuning into that sense of movement is empowering, I see so much growth happening when I zoom out of what immediately seeks my attention when looking at the world at large. Ideas speak to us in whispers and the universe wants to share its secrets with us. All we have to do is step back, clear our minds and listen carefully.

Imagine the ideas flowing to us like water, we want to receive that water as clearly as possible so we can enjoy its life-giving properties. Especially so that we can share it with others. We receive the good stuff to give the good stuff creating infinite feedback loops of divine inspiration.

If we keep it flowing and it will keep on coming.

Think of this as your invitation to co-create the future. Pick up the torch for what you believe in and hold it high for all to see as you carve your own path forwards.


Our pathways to higher realisation and connecting with what we perceive to be our higher aspects are deeply personal, nuanced and individualised. That’s how it’s supposed to be, we are meant to stand together in harmony, not uniformity.

There’s no secret password, no conditions other than being yourself and the endgame is to be more of yourself. In fact, as much of yourself as possible.

Sounds pretty fun to me! There’s nothing more desirable than being ourselves all of the time. If we march to the beat of our own drums we can lock into our life’s rhythms with ease!

As the old paradigm shifts and society at large concerns itself with questions around identity and reassessment of systems, we can do our own thing. We can accept ourselves for who we really are, forgive our past selves for the decisions they made to keep moving forward and open ourselves up to the unlimited possibilities of expanded perspectives.

Connecting with new ways of doing things, returning to our true sense of being who we really are, not who we’ve been told we are sparks the imagination. It is from the imagination that all things are created.

We can take the spectrum of polarity, the idea that there is a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’, a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’, bend that line into a circle then carve a pathway through the middle in full awareness of all things! That is how we will find our answers to the questions we are exploring in society at large.


Authenticity, Integrity and Awareness are the currency of the future.

We already look to these qualities when seeking to engage with more ethically aligned ‘others’.

If we are going to work on our individual balance so harmony may grow, we could do with a roadmap and the personal touch.

With that view I offer two ways of working together


One to One Services

Personalised strategy, calibration and clearing services.

Work with me directly.

Online Course w/Support Community

10 Module complete transformation online course.

Learn whenever you want from wherever you are!

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